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Skimlinks GDPR Compliance

Skimlinks is the leading content-to-commerce platform globally, helping publishers monetize their editorial content, and marketers find people who want to buy their products. They create new revenue for publishers by automatically affiliating links in content, and syndicating the resulting behavioral data to marketers for use in advertising.

Skimlinks is used on 1.5 million websites globally by more than 57,000 publishers such as Buzzfeed, Refinery29, Condé Nast, and AOL/HuffPost.

We have managed the delivery of GDPR programme in Skimlinks working together with not only technical teams but also marketing, sales, finance and HR functions. We have delivered this programme using agile practices and gamification techniques. We have fully automated data subject requests and digitised HR and Finance processes to increase privacy and security measures.  We provided Skimlinks with the following documentation during our compliance efforts;

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