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AIDA Partnership Programme

ICAN’s Partnership Program is an invaluable opportunity for consulting professionals, freelancers, community managers, Scrum Masters, CTO’s and Agile Leaders to boost the scope of high performing teams and create value for teams and leaders through advanced, dynamic reporting from ICAN’s own AI Agile Coach; AIDA.

The Ultimate Retrospective Tool

AIDA produces curated reports based on a number of essential KPIs and uses indicators to measure and report on these key metrics to advise and notify of possible issues in teams’ projects, removing human bias in providing objective, transparent reporting.

Free Exclusive Training Options

For clients acquired through partners, we provide exclusive free training options on Agile, Scrum and JIRA. So, even if your client isn’t using any of the agile practices, we can help them to start their Agile Transformation.

Our Partners

Our partners not only further the promotion and utilisation of AIDA in the community but are involved in the onboarding and implementation of AIDA. AIDA can also boost your leadership and management potential by providing invaluable insight and suggestions into key metrics

Our Partnership Programme is a great fit for you if…

o You are leading or closely involved with Scrum Teams using JIRA

o You want to boost your scope of KPI’s using the latest machine learning technology

o You want to earn sales commission on the successful implementation of AIDA

o You want to add value to your reports and gain a larger perspective

o You want to scale agile transformation of an enterprise level company with the help of AIDA.

Partnership Tiers

Our Partnership Tiers are separated according to the total cost of using AIDA per year for the organisation. Each tier receives additional benefits inclusive of AIDA.

Partner Benefits

Contact for more information on becoming an AIDA Partner.

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