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Introduction to AIDA

Who Are We?

ICAN Consultancy are expert IT delivery and project consultants with global leadership experience. We specialise in Agile software delivery, Agile transformation, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning.

We only work with the best talent and our motto is to grow together with our clients. In all of our client engagements, we only further our engagement if we would be the best fit for the job and create the best value for our client.

Introduction to AIDA

AIDA is an artificial intelligence agile coach maximising the potential on KPI reporting over a range of indicators integrated with JIRA. ​In additions to these indicators, AIDA provides you with valuable suggestions to improve your team’s agility.

The platform works overtime to create dynamic reporting on key performance indicators, progressively reducing the dependence on team’s feedback through machine learning technology.

The Ultimate Retrospective Tool

AIDA produces curated reports based on a number of essential KPIs and uses indicators to measure and report on these key metrics to advise and notify of possible pain points in teams’ projects.

Objective, Transparent Reporting

Using the latest data technology to produce objective, transparent reports using AI to overcome human bias, AIDA is an invaluable tool for project teams and leaders to gain a wider scope of understanding and transparency against its KPIs.

Early Warnings and Issue Mitigation

Early warning indicators for key metrics provides quintessential clarity through suggestions for improvement when a reduction in outcome is seen, allowing you to fix delivery practices before problems occur.

Value and Insight Metrics

AIDA’s metrics allow companies to measure value from the eyes of it’s stakeholders and customers, providing vital insight. The KPIs for AIDA v1.0 is as below;

1. Unassigned Items

2. Open Items

3. Team Collaboration

4. Product Owner Collaboration

5. Stakeholder involvement

6. Estimation

7. Delivery Quality

8. User Story Quality

9. Velocity

10. Value

11. Fun

Foundations of Implementing AIDA

AIDA is an Artificial Intelligence Software, enabling the reports to be made, but. What makes the system unique is the machine learning basis by which AIDA learns overtime how your team utilise the JIRA platform, which impacts the accuracy of the reports.

AIDA becomes progressively less reliant on team responses and uses the data gathered to adapt to your team’s ways of working.

For the initial period, the system will require additional information from a small number of team members, in the form of a short survey where team members will give insight into certain KPIs. What’s best - we guarantee that any one team member will not receive more than one email per sprint!

AIDA in 3 Steps

1. Register with a JIRA API key and enter the email addresses of your team members and stakeholders

2. Let the team know they might receive some questions from AI Agile Coach

3. Our machine learning platform starts tracking 42 different signals from JIRA and produce your reports after the second sprint.

AIDA Reports

AIDA’s reports can be accessed through AIDA UI, the reports provide both visual indicators as well as qualitative, detailed information on progress as well as areas for improvement. The system can pick up on outlying information that may skew the final results. You can use the historic view to see the trends on specific areas of the team’s performance.

Security and Technology

At ICAN we take your business data security seriously.

That's why we encrypt all of our clients' data and store it with Amazon's widely trusted AWS Storage. We exercise complete compliances with data protection legislation and only keep relevant data for a select tie period, with your permission of course, that can be removed at any time, at your request.​

We use AWS S3 and EC2 for cloud computing and storage, also leverage from AWS SageMaker for testing different machine learning algorithms.

Our Roadmap

The future of AIDA includes a host of updates, and development to bring greater prospects to project management teams, this includes widening the scope of platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Teams.

We plan to go further with the utilisation of data by growing our data scientists team to create greater depth and value for our users.

With these and so many more developments, we want our users to have the opportunity to meet-up with others in the community, share experiences, knowledge and information about the continuously developing industry. For which, ICAN aim to host a VIP Annual Events for our users.

More information on community developments, updates and industry knowledge can be found on the ICAN Group Blog at or via out LinkedIn page at

For more information on how to start using AIDA, email

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