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Scaled Agile Management

Each engagement differs but our capability to scale Agile and transform your organisation typically encompasses:


We work with you to assess and map out existing customer journeys, and the processes, systems and architecture that currently support them. We illuminate that plan by showing and relaying what is possible. 

Agile initiation and planning

Our experts help you plan discovery and alpha phases to distil your vision and create a product roadmap. It will deliver service increments early and often and balance desk research with real user/service interactions.

User engagement optimisation

We help you put in place the right team, toolsets and engagement methods to gain the rich and ongoing customer insights you need to deliver services that excel.

Integration with back office processes

Our Agile consultants bring years of IT experience to bear in optimising your technology architecture and integrating the service’s new front-end interface with back-office processes, including legacy IT systems.

Support for internal communications and training

We support internal stakeholder communications and development, ensuring that your customer-facing staff do not feel left behind by the process of transforming your service.

Agile and digital consultancy

Support from our expert consultants to manage uncertainty dynamically from the start, and plan the service development to deliver incremental value throughout.

By working with us on your Scaled Agile journey, your organisation will have access to our online course;

Agile Transformation and Scaled Agile

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